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Creating Culture, One Step at a Time

For the past decade I have been focused on a bunch of things, but besides selling, my top two priorities have been: 1. To develop a web-based software that companies can use to grow their business. 2. To create a very special company culture that makes mobileStorm a sought after place to work. My travel to India (still here actually), has allowed [...]

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I just got back from a 3 day cruise. I don’t quite know exactly where we went. I do know however that words can’t quite describe the experience I just had. To put things in perspective, one tweet I read today by @Tim_Rutten said “unreal & mind-blowing experience! ROI? A new life!”. I think that’s a great [...]

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Top 10 Items To Bring On A Business Trip

If you travel a lot, then you need to make sure you have products that make your life easier and better. Every corporate exec should be rolling with these goods, or ones like them. Next time you’re running out the door, make sure you have the necessities. 1. The bag: I own the Tumi Alpha [...]

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